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Richmond section - Rideau Trail

This section of the Rideau trail proceeds north under the hydro line for 2.7 km. Where the crush stone ends, it turns right and follos an abandoned concession road for .6km It passes the north end of the Gentian Trail, to the start of Kelles Road opposite a farm gate. Continue on the trail till you reach Eagleson Road, it crosses a creek and tuns left onto Barnsdale road.

The trail follows this road and turns left onto Twin Elm Road. The trail continues on this road, past the Twin Elm Road Bridge and Cambrian Road. A blue loop trail goes over the Twin Elm Road Bridge - the main trail continues on the gravel road extension of Twim Elm Road, passing through farm fields and crossing the Jock River on a farm bridge to connect with Steeplehill Crescent.

Information provided by the Rideau Trail guidebook.

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