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Rosedale Ravine Trail

The Rosedale Ravine is amazing because it's right in the centre of Toronto. It starts right at Yonge and St. Clair. You've got the hustle and bustle, then you just duck down that sidestreet, Heath Street East, go down the staircase and suddenly you're immersed in the forest walking along a creek. You feel like you're transported miles away from the city. The Rosedale Ravine is a loop. To the south it takes you down to the Bayview Extension, north up to Moore Avenue or you can take it to Mount Pleasant Cemetery, across that old railway bridge that's now a foot bridge across Yonge Street.

Farther north, you can take it to the old Belt Line trail, the old railway that went through Forest Hill. You emerge from this forest and you're at a subway station. Some of the trees in Toronto's ravines are now more than 150 years old. They survived the urbanization of Toronto, and are part of our living history. Ravines are highly sensitive areas. They are storehouses of water and vegetation. When the topography, water flow or the natural plant community is altered in any way, the ecology and function of the ravine are also affected. Information provided by the Toronto website.

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