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Tiffany Falls Trail

This is a great trail to visit in the rain. You can sit under the many rock overhangs and stare deep into the forest, the misty air blending the leaves into one large green tree. From this dry vantage point, you can hear the rain drop on leaves and then fall onto ones lower in the valley. Any walk through Dundas Valley offers this kind of discovery.
As this trail leaves the conservation area near Old Ancaster Road, you enter typical Bruce Trail terrain: rocks to step over, steep descents and the hidden waterfalls. Sherman Falls first appears at an 11.5 metre (38 foot) drop where Ancaster Creek flows over the escarpment. This waterfall, fed by springs from its headwaters, has a strong, continuous flow. Continue through the scenic ravine in the Tiffany Creek valley until you cross Wilson St.
Tiffany creek tumbles 6.5 metres from a broad valley above the escarpment into a V-shaped ravine below. A short side trail leads you to the waterfall. It's a rough walk, crossing talus slope with steep, narrow sections.

With file information from the Bruce Trail, for more information on this and other Bruce trails please purchase the Bruce Trail map and trail guidebook. The Bruce Trail is the oldest and longest marked hiking trail in Canada. It is 840 km long, with over 440 km of side trails. Every year more than 400,000 visits are made to the Trail as people walk, snowshoe, watch wildlife, take photographs and admire the glorious scenery of the Escarpment.
The Bruce Trail was instrumental in the Escarpment being named a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations in 1990 - one of only twelve such reserves in all of Canada. The Bruce Trail is a member of the Ontario Trails Council through affiliation with Hike Ontario.

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