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User Education

Rider and Trail user education is goal number one for the safe use and enjoyment of Ontario Trails, for hiking, walking, riding, paddling, atving, skiing, snowshoeing or snowmobiling.

Rider federations and trail user groups offer 100's of courses each year in order to reduce the risk of accident, whether you are climbing, walking, cycling or in your canoe or kayak.

At Ontario Trails we encourage every owner of a machine, a bike, a canoe, snowshoes or skiis, to be familiar with your equipment.

We want people to go out, have fun, either singlely or in a group and come home to tell about their adventure.

This page and the side bar lists places and groups that offer you the education you need in order to enjoy and explore the great trails in Ontario!

ATV Rider Training

Dirt Bike Rider Training

4X4 Driver Training

Hike Leadership

Bike Riding Training

MTB Rider Training

Equestrian Trail Riding Coaching

Snowmobile Driver Training

Climbing Trails Climber Training

Canoe and Kayak Paddler Training

Safe Streets

Safe Use of Trails

Safe Camping

Cross Country

Hike Safe

Personal Safety on the Trail

Snowshoe Use Training

Be Safe Be Seen

Hunting Training

Fishing Skills

Boating Safety

Personal Health - Lyme Disease

Plant Protection

Invasive Species

Watch for Cars