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Barron Canyon Hiking Trail

This trail leads to and runs along the north rim of the spectacular 100 m deep Barron Canyon. The trail guide makes six stops along the way to explain the formation and history of the canyon. The Barron Canyon offers an exception to the rule that Algonquin's beauty is subtle. For a brief period after the end of the last ice age the Barron River carried the entire outflow from Lake Aggasiz (the precursor of today's Great Lakes), and a spectacular 100 m deep canyon was cut by this enormous flow of water. The Canyon is the highlight of any trip to this area, but many of the surrounding lakes are beautiful, and well worth a visit on their own merits.

Compared to the crowded access points along Highway 60, the Barron Canyon and the adjacent area around Achray Station at Grand Lake can seem almost deserted. The relative lack of crowds combined with beautiful- and in places stunning- scenery make this area one of the most delightful in the park. The east side of Algonquin Park is quite different in appearance to the west. While the west side is dominated by hardwood forests and thick vegetation, conifers predominate to the east and the forests have a more open feel. The rugged pine-and-granite scenery of the east side resembles regions of the Canadian shield north of the park. Caution: This trail travels along an unfenced cliff, keep children away and pets on a leash at all times. With information from the Virtual Algonquin webpage.

friends of algonquin park

friends of algonquin park

friends of algonquin park

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