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Cave Point Trail

When you start at Halfway Log Dump, make sure you walk to the beach, a bay of blue set against white stones. From here you stand at the foot of the escarpment, looking towards the cliffs you'll be walking along.

On several occasions, the trail leads you to rocky beaches before dipping back into the forest. After Cave Point, the trail gets rockier with some scrambling. At Storm Haven, a wooden walkway leads to the rocky beach and limestone ledges.

The water laps against the rocks at Storm Haven, a wonderful lullaby if you're camping overnight. There are many lookouts along this trail, some that offer a bird's eye view on rock outcrops below, others that open to a wide rocky beach.

When the trail takes you down to the beach on a logging road, it's the last time the trail comes down to the water. This is a difficult section to find your way out of. Stay along the rock ledges till you see a big arrow on your left. When you near an outcrop by the water, you'll find a big white arrow on one of the rock slabs pointing back up into the forest.

With file information from the Bruce Trail, for more information on this and other Bruce trails please purchase the Bruce Trail map and trail guidebook. The Bruce Trail is the oldest and longest marked hiking trail in Canada. It is 840 km long, with over 440 km of side trails. Every year more than 400,000 visits are made to the Trail as people walk, snowshoe, watch wildlife, take photographs and admire the glorious scenery of the Escarpment.

The Bruce Trail was instrumental in the Escarpment being named a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations in 1990 - one of only twelve such reserves in all of Canada. The Bruce Trail is a member of the Ontario Trails Council through affiliation with Hike Ontario.

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