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Sixteen Mile Creek Trail

Sixteen Mile Creek flows through one of the largest forest tracts in southern Ontario, pausing casually in deep pools, tugging playfully at floating branches, and sliding carefully around protruding rocks.

It's a peaceful scene — lush green forest, moss covered rocks, gentle waters. Although most hikers walk this side trail to see the waterfall, there is other scenery to drink in, and important features in the surrounding woodlands. The trail follows the edge of the 35 acre (14 hectare) Hilton Falls reservoir, enters a silent, cedar grove, and curves through the cedars to a glacial pothole large enough to stand in.

Above Hilton Falls, the trail continues along Sixteen Mile Creek and past a beaver pond before turning inland. As the creek bubbles over its rocky bed, walk quietly along its banks. You may spot an American Water Shrew, an animal only found near cool, clean woodland streams. Mink play around logs jammed up in the creek and raccoons prowl the shallows.

In the woodlands, sugar maples are the dominant trees, but you'll also find white pine regenerating under the hardwoods. Once clearcut. the trees in this area are now staging a comeback in the same forest that once fueled a busy sawmill, now just ruins at the waterfall. For more information on this and other Bruce trails please purchase the Bruce Trail map and trail guidebook.

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