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Stirling to Madoc Junction Multi-Use Trail | Ontario Trails Council
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Stirling to Madoc Junction Multi-Use Trail

The Stirling to Madoc Junction Trail is a four-season, multi-use recreational trail that follows an old railway line linking Hastings County. The Trail is open year-round and boasts a number of parking lots and access points along the route.

It welcomes hikerscyclistshorseback riders, and recreational vehicle operators. Trails in Hastings County consist of a 156-km ribbon of land stretching from Glen Ross to Lake St. Peter, connecting them to the waterways of the Trent Canal System in the south and the edge of Algonquin Park in the north.

Within the right-of-way of the Hastings Heritage Trail are waterfalls, wetlands, and relics of ghost towns like Brinklow. Within sight of the trail are historical buildings like Hogan's Hotel, built in 1862, and other significant trances of the builders of the rail line.

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      Information provided by the Hastings County Website.

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