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There is so much to do on Ontario’s Trails

Accessible Trails


Ontario has many partial or totally accessible trails. People say they like them for ease of use and access to the outdoors.

ATVing Trails


There are many trails for ATVs in Ontario. Head off for a day of relaxation and fun in the country.

Backpacking & Camping Trails

Backpacking & Camping

Get away from it all and take your "home" with you. Many Ontario trails lead to great camping locations.

Canoe or Kayak Trails

Canoe or Kayak

Our "water trails" give you a unique view of Ontario. With thousands of lakes and rivers, grab your paddle and go.

Cross Country Skiing Trails

Cross Country Skiing

A day on a cross-country ski trail is the best full-body workout you could imagine. Start here.


Cycling - Off-Road Trails

Cycling - Off-Road

We have bike routes that combine trails and roadways to take you through the province and beyond.

Cycling - Roads & Paths Trails

Cycling - Roads & Paths

Ontario has roads, paths, rail trails, parks and conservation areas to explore on your bike. Ontario welcomes cyclists, with maps, food, festivals and more!

Dog Sledding Trails

Dog Sledding

If you're looking for an outdoor experience that you'll cherish for a lifetime, think about going dog sledding along the quiet trails through the northern forests.

Downhill Skiing Trails

Downhill Skiing

You might not think of downhill skiing in terms of trails, but just consider them trails on a real slope that have a lift going up. Telemarking was one of the first types of trail activity!

Equestrian Trails


Pull on the boots, throw on the saddle and mount up. Trail riding has never had a better companion!

Four Wheel Driving Trails

Four Wheel Driving

Explore the hidden routes on trails that are made for 4WD. Anything from a Sunday drive to a long trek.

Geocaching Trails


Geocaching is your way of finding buried treasure right here in Ontario. With 1000's of caches to be discovered on Ontario Trails!

Hiking & Walking Trails

Hiking & Walking

Whether it's a quick walk, or a multi-day hike to really get away from it all, we've got your trail here.

Ice Climbing Trails

Ice Climbing

Crampons, spikes, ropes and a cliff of glowing ice. What more do you need for a day of sheer fun?

Motorcycling Trails


Trails and dirt bikes are meant for each other, right? We'll help you find the trails that deliver high-energy fun.

Mountain Biking Trails

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially designed mountain bikes. It's gonna crush your adrenaline!  

Off Leash Dog Park Trails

Off Leash Dog Park

Taking your dog out is great fun, if you are on the trail the dog must be on-leash. As an aid to dog owners that want to let their dog safely run free we are pleased to provide information on leash free dog parks in Ontario.

Rock Climbing Trails

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing has become very popular in Ontario over the last number of years. And no wonder – there thousands of cliffs, bluffs and crags for climbers to test their skills.

Running Trails


It could be a 5K, 10K or full out marathon training. Trails are great for running, and we have lots of them.

Skating Trails


Why not lace up your skates and go for a winter stroll - on an ice trail! Over the past few years these trails have gained in popularity, so grab a friend and ice trail.

Snowmobiling Trails


Ontario has the world's largest network of clearly marked snowmobile trails. We'll help you find them.

Snowshoeing & Backcountry Trails

Snowshoeing & Backcountry

Enjoy the beauty and quiet of nature one step at a time. Get out and really see our beautiful province.

Tree-Top Trekking Trails

Tree-Top Trekking

Why not see the ground from high in the air? On a trail in a canopy of trees, or between the ridges of a gorge!

Winter (Fat) Biking Trails

Winter (Fat) Biking

No need to ride only in spring, summer and fall. Now you can winter bike! Get your gear together and enjoy real winter fun!